Tarin Nix Wins National Delegate Election!

Democratic Party of New Mexico Congratulates Delegates to the Democratic National Convention
Albuquerque, N.M. – The Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) is pleased to announce and congratulate the delegates who will be representing the state of New Mexico at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

At the DPNM Post-Primary State Convention this weekend, the Democratic Party of New Mexico completed its selection of 43 delegates that will attend and participate in the Democratic National Convention. Of the 43 delegates, 34 were elected at conventions throughout the state in June, and the remaining nine are designated as unpledged delegates, also known as “superdelegates”.

The delegates chosen to represent New Mexico at the national convention elected DPNM Chairwoman Debra Haaland to serve as the delegation chair in Philadelphia. The delegation chair assists staff with logistical details as well as announces the New Mexico delegation votes at the convention.

In addition to the delegates elected at DPNM district and state conventions, three other New Mexicans will serve on the convention’s standing committees: Platform, Rules, and Credentials Committees. The list of delegates chosen at district and state conventions and committee members is below:

Carla Arellanes, San Miguel County

Sara Attleson, Bernalillo County

Nicole Bagg, Doña Ana County (Standing Committee)

Seamus Berkeley, Taos County

Kathleen Burke, Bernalillo County

Ricardo Carlos Caballero, Bernalillo County

Eleanor Chavez, Bernalillo County

Priscilla Chavez Doña Ana County

Diane Denish, Bernalillo County

Gina Dennis, Bernalillo County

Steve Duffy, Lincoln County

John Dyrcz, Bernalillo County

Teva Gabis-Levine, Bernalillo County

André Gonzales, Doña Ana County

Michael Huerta, Doña Ana County

Kristine Jacobus, Bernalillo County

Brian Lee, McKinley County

Denise Lee, Santa Fe County (Standing Committee)

J.D. Mathews, Bernalillo County

Joseph McCaffrey, San Miguel County

John Meade, Santa Fe County

Tarin Nix, Los Alamos County

Davena Norris, Doña Ana County

Diana Orozco-Garrett, Santa Fe County

John Padilla, Bernalillo County

Rusty Pearce, Doña Ana County

Nicole Renee Peters, Taos County

Marcus Porter, Bernalillo County (Standing Committee)

Charles Powell, Bernalillo County

Timothy Raftery, Chaves County

Patricia Roybal Caballero, Bernalillo County

Trish Ruiz, Lea County

Twana Sparks, Grant County

Dylan Stafford, Bernalillo County

Donna Swanson, Otero County

Sally-Alice Thompson, Bernalillo County

Rita Triviz, Doña Ana County

Theresa Trujeque, Sandoval County

Stephen Verchinski, Bernalillo County

Sheryl Williams-Stapleton, Bernalillo County

The Platform Committee drafts and recommends the Platform of the Democratic Party. The Rules Committee issues a report recommending the Permanent Rules of the Convention, the convention agenda, the permanent officers of the convention, amendments to the charter of the party, and other resolutions for consideration. The Credentials Committee ensures delegates are accommodated on the floor of the convention.

June 27, 2016

From: http://www.p2016.org/chrnothp/nmdemdelegates.html