Voices Of Los Alamos: One Year Later

Voices Of Los Alamos: One Year Later
By Cristina Olds and Elena Giorgi

Voices Of Los Alamos
This February, Voices of Los Alamos is celebrating one year of successfully bringing people together in action by holding meetings, getting involved politically, and supporting local actions.

Some activities Voices participated in last year include Day Without a Woman with 200 participants in March, March for Science with 2,500 marchers in April, and a vigil for protesters killed in Charlottesville with 80 attendees in August.

Local issues we supported with letter writing, meeting with Councilors, and speaking at Council meetings include passing the immigration proclamation, defining the sheriff’s role, and organizing diversity week’s Rainbow Day. Several members followed and participated in many other federal and local issues as well.

At each monthly meeting, we bring in experts to speak, such as LA County deputy utilities manager on local power production; Sue Watts on civil conversations; Emerge NM on training women to run for democratic office; Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America on local gun control action; Stephanie Garcia Richard and her PR person Taryn Nix on working with the legislature; LWV on their non-partisan advocacy; the LA County director of community development on affordable housing; and DOE and County presenters on the chromium plume.

As we progress, we’re partnering with local groups such as the League of Women Voters, the Democratic Party, and New Mexico Indivisible Congress, which comprises Indivisible groups like Wheeler Peak Progressives, Las Vegas’ RUIDO, and SF Indivisible.

We would love to hear your ideas for future speakers and actions you’d like to see. We’d also like to hear your thoughts about how to get more people involved and how to keep them active.

Voices of Los Alamos is a non-partisan, progressive advocacy group created as a way for Los Alamos residents to voice their concerns over the current political events (both at the state and at the federal levels). The group strives to build community, educate, discuss, and enact action plans, with a focus on the following issues: social justice, women’s rights, human rights, education, environment, health care, gun safety and election reform.

For more information, contact Cristina Olds at wmwlosalamos@gmail.com.

Submitted by Carol A. Clark on February 19, 2018 – 7:48am